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What others says is important. It helps to understand the process that others have gone through and how they felt about it. Please feel free to read the testimonials we have received so far.


2020 - Dad’s Testimonial Says It All

I wanted to describe the current situation with me and the kids after 90 days of the TPFF. After close to 90 days separation from the kids’ mom, I would definitely say that I have my kids back. There was significant improvement after the four-day course, TPFF, and the rest of the improvement was slower but consistent over the course of 90 days. There is a lot of love shared back and forth now and a significant increase in trust. Both kids will say they love me and where before my daughter couldn’t say I love you or even hug me, now she does both without hesitation.

My mom has made comments asking what happened to my kids and she has been in astonishment how good their behavior is toward her after watching them twice. She described them as very talkative and pleasant and the kids asked her about spending more time together. The kids bring my family up often again and in a positive light now. This positive behavior extends to my neighbor and family friends also. Just this past Saturday while hanging out with neighbors together with my kids, they remarked to me that they couldn’t believe how well the kids were doing and how healthy emotionally they seemed. One of the biggest adjustments has been how much they get to be themselves and that has translated into being very happy kids. No longer have I wondered in my communication with the kids, is this the kids opinion or are they echoing their moms opinion. But what they are now expressing are genuinely the kids thoughts and feelings.

Thank you Linda for everything you’ve helped achieve in this family. There is nobody else that I know of who could have gotten this back on course in all the ways that you have. I can’t express enough of my gratitude. Thank you.

Linda Should get 10 Stars

I met Linda at the ISNAF symposium in Long Beach, Ca. We spoke for a brief moment and were not able to cover some of the issues that I’m facing with my children. But she spoke extensively on the subject of parent alienation which helped me understand some of those issues. She is difficult to locate for any kind of QA and I have no problems with that. I understand that she is busy. For those who cannot afford her therapy sessions and her books, we can visit a local library to see what’s available from Linda.

I found out from our brief conversation that Linda is practicing out of Long Island, New York. Other pros said about her that she has been able to capture audiences throughout this country with her intuitive understanding and professional wherewithal of parent alienation, a form of child abuse that should have long been recognized by the legal as well as therapeutic family law establishment. I wish that her scientific research on the subject was more widely known to those of us who are subjected to this cruel and unusual punishment. Parent alienation destroys lives but PAS community has not been well unified in its efforts to legitimize and criminalize this form of abuse. For those who are still in litigation desperately fighting for the right to parent or visit their kids Linda offers Abacus Briefs to be introduced as evidence in family courts that explains what PAS is. Her service to the community of alienated parents is invaluable.

May be my review sounds more like a commercial but the more people know about PAS the better they’ll be able to deal with it.

If only I could give Linda 10 stars instead of 5
Uri Karpov

Linda helped our Family Move Forward

I attended a reunification “holiday” with Turning Points 4 Families. I had not been with the children for the years and this was a strong PA situation. Linda had a very nice welcome for all of us, I found her program from start to finish to be very organized, educational and effective. You could see changes occur in the children while we were there..which surprised me.. Over the course of the last months, we have had many events that have required me to speak to Linda. She is always available day or night and offers excellent advice.
Our relationship with the children is sound and we have moved forward every day, although there is still work to be done. I’m certain that my relationship with the children would not be what it is today, if it was not for Linda and her program. Her experience with PA situations is second to none.

Talented, Passionate, and Dedicated

Although we still have a lot of work to do and a long road ahead, I want to thank you for what you have done for my child and me. I can say with absolute confidence that we would not have the relationship we do today and would not be in a position to confront and deal with the continued attempts to destroy our relationship. You have a great talent to which I wish every targeted parent and child would be able be exposed.

You accomplished more in four days than ANY professional in my case had in six years. I admire your passion and dedication to your profession and am grateful that we were able to learn from you.


Hello everyone,

Please feel free to call me to discuss TPFF & Linda. It worked out great for us and Linda did a wonderful job.

Linda is great - To be honest, in the beginning, at times I thought that maybe she was “extreme” - as it turns our everything I thought she was a little extreme about actually came to pass! She KNOWS THIS STUFF! I am copying Linda, because she knows how I feel about her program and advice - she is the best! There were times where Linda and my most alienated child BOTH told me consistent things that my x-wife would do - they did this separately and apart from one another. Linda first, then my child later. I thought that what they suggested would not happen due to the extreme nature of the behavior they predicted, they were both exactly correct - Linda predicted it, based on her knowledge and understanding. My child predicted it based on child’s understanding of the other parent. They were both correct. So, I just want you to know that even if Linda predicts something that sounds unlikely to be true or a bit extreme, I would take her predictions at face value and heed them - she really understands the depravity of parent alienators and their behavioral patterns. On the flip side, she also understands how to help you and child daughter navigate a path back to one another!

I hope this is helpful.

Linda is There for You 100% of the Time

My family went through the Turning Points For Families program in 2017. It was everything described in the website. Prep work before the program and after is essential to its success. Linda is careful and strategic in her approach and openly explains everything to you. When you are in her care she is there for you 100 percent of the time. Her follow-up after the program has proven extremely helpful in concluding the treatment when you return home. I recommend this program a template to treat any family treating alienation.

A family therapist that’s a cut above the rest

I’m dropping you a note to express my appreciation on all the help you have given me since 2005, it’s amazing how my former wife retained you as her family relationship therapist and when you demanded that to get an overall picture of the case where my former wife was trying to obtain full custody of our son you saw right through the all the deception of her trying to win full custody. And you did this so well that my son’s mother stopped seeing you due to the fear she had of the case getting thrown out which it eventually did. Linda you are an amazing therapist with a great gift not only of saving the custody battle but most important you saved my son and I. Again thank you for all the past and continuing support you give my son and I. God bless.
James C. Grima

Linda is an Excellent Expert Witness

Linda Gottlieb worked with our family. We endured about 7 years of constant litigation with my former spouse / childrens’ mother. In the end, we did not see one of our children for 1 year and another for 3+ months. Linda was an excellent expert witness and did a great job convincing our Judge of the facts of the case and with reunification. If it weren’t for Linda, we may never have been able to put our family back together and our kids would have endured further psychological damage. Linda has our unqualified recommendation.
Michael D

Linda makes herself Continuously Available

Linda has been tremendous. And continuously makes herself available to ensure both you and your children get the support needed to fight for what is best.